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Cyber security

Security Begins with Individuals

In today's threat landscape, your workforce serves as the primary focus for attackers. To address this shift in strategy, it's essential to prioritize the protection of your users, regardless of their location or working methods. By offering the right knowledge, utilizing the appropriate technology, and providing effective training, your personnel becomes the initial and most formidable line of defense."


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Proofpoint's Email Protection stands as the foremost email gateway solution, offering deployment options in the cloud or on-premises. It excels in identifying both familiar and unfamiliar threats that often escape detection by others. Fueled by NexusAI, our cutting-edge machine learning technology, Email Protection effectively categorizes diverse email types and proficiently identifies and thwarts threats, even those not carrying malicious payloads, such as instances of business email compromise (BEC), utilizing our Advanced BEC Defense.

Targeted Attack Protection

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Over 90% of targeted attacks originate from email, and these threats continually evolve. Proofpoint's Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) offers a forward-thinking strategy for staying ahead of attackers. It identifies, examines, and intercepts advanced threats before they infiltrate your inbox. This encompasses ransomware and other sophisticated email threats delivered via malicious attachments and URLs, as well as zero-day threats, polymorphic malware, weaponized documents, and phishing attacks.

TAP delivers adaptive controls to segregate the most hazardous URL clicks and identifies threats and vulnerabilities in cloud applications, linking email-based attacks to activities such as credential theft and other security breaches.

Threat Response Auto-Pull

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Proofpoint's Threat Response Auto-Pull (TRAP) empowers messaging and security administrators to assess email content and relocate malicious or undesirable emails to a quarantine location post-delivery. TRAP also tracks forwarded emails and interactions with distribution lists, establishing a trackable activity log for auditing purposes.

Insider Threat Management

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As a top-tier Insider Threat Management (ITM) solution focused on individuals, Proofpoint's ITM safeguards against data loss and reputation harm stemming from insider actions, whether intentional, negligent, or inadvertent. Proofpoint leverages activity and data tracking to enable security teams to assess user risk, identify data breaches initiated by insiders, and expedite incident response procedures.

Email Encryption

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Conventional encrypted email services often pose challenges for users. Proofpoint Email Encryption, on the other hand, offers seamless protection for messages and attachments, with no user intervention required. There's no need to manually encrypt emails to ensure secure communication; it all occurs effortlessly in the background. Email Encryption streamlines the process of secure messaging while granting you full control.

Email Fraud Defense

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Proofpoint's Email Fraud Defense is a solution designed to enhance the security of your email communications and rebuild trust in your business correspondence. By streamlining DMARC authentication, it effectively prevents email fraud and protects your trusted domain. In addition, it extends its capabilities beyond DMARC to offer valuable insights into potential fraud risks associated with your suppliers.

Email is the primary medium for today's critical business communications, but it's also the top target for threats facing organizations. Ensure the safety of this crucial channel with Email Fraud Defense.

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