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Cyber security

Akamai, the hero of the online world, has been quietly powering and safeguarding the digital lives of billions for over two decades. From eliminating the early internet's notorious "World Wide Wait" to tackling today's toughest challenges, Akamai continues to shape a safer and more connected world.

At the core of our mission is the Akamai Connected Cloud, a cutting-edge platform seamlessly integrating edge and cloud capabilities. It empowers businesses to effortlessly develop and manage applications, bringing experiences closer to users while keeping threats at bay. Trusted by innovative companies globally, Akamai is the go-to choice for building, delivering, and securing digital experiences.

Akami is a top-tier cloud computing, security, and content delivery services is not just transforming businesses but making life better for billions of people, every single day.

Reduce Attack Surface

On their website: (Reduce risk without the need for costly security hardware with a software-based microsegmentation approach) On our website: (Mitigate risk without the expense of high-cost security hardware by adopting a software-based microsegmentation strategy)

Prevent Lateral Movement

On their website: (Detect lateral movement and real-time threats across the entire cyberattack kill chain with a single platform) On our website: (Identify lateral movement and real-time threats across the complete cyberattack kill chain with a unified and advanced platform)

Secure critical IT assets

On their website: (Protect critical assets from ransomware by easily enforcing Zero Trust principles across hybrid cloud ecosystems) On our website: (Safeguard vital assets from ransomware by seamlessly implementing Zero Trust principles throughout hybrid cloud ecosystems)


Zero Trust segmentation

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On their website: (End your dependence on firewalls and VPNs for network security. Akamai’s Zero Trust solutions secure your entire IT environment, whether it’s on-premises or cloud; your apps, whether they’re legacy or SaaS; and your employees, whether they’re on-site or remote. Akamai’s visibility into your assets, access, and network flows provides a foundation for your Zero Trust security strategy. And our global expertise can help you hunt down the most evasive threats and limit lateral movement in the event of a breach)

On our website: (Zero Trust Solutions, Network Security, Threat Hunting, and IT Environment Security )

Guardicore Micro-segmentation

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On their website: (Akamai Guardicore Segmentation is a software-based microsegmentation solution that provides the simplest, fastest, and most intuitive way to enforce Zero Trust principles. It enables you to prevent malicious lateral movement in your network through precise segmentation policies, visuals of activity within your IT environment, and network security alerts. Akamai Guardicore Segmentation works across your data centers, multicloud environments, and endpoints. It is faster to deploy than infrastructure segmentation approaches and provides you with unparalleled visibility and control of your network)

On our website: (Zero Trust Enforcement, Network Security Alerts, and Lateral Movement Prevention)


We can use these too (Multicloud Security Endpoint Security Visibility and Control Lateral Movement Prevention)

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