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Cyber security

combines the expertise of two industry leaders in a comprehensive PAM solution for enterprises with complex IT environments.

We treat all users as privileged users, with dynamic access controls for admins, business users, service accounts, and machine identities.

Founded on Zero Trust principles, Delinea makes sure everyone has only the access they need to do their job, only when they need it.

Secret Server

Protect your privileged accounts with our enterprise-grade Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution. Available both on-premise or on the cloud-native Delinea Platform

Privileged Behavior Analytics

"Identify anomalies and irregularities in privileged accounts throughout your network."

DevOps Secrets Vault

"Efficiently handle credentials for applications, databases, CI/CD tools, and services, all while maintaining a seamless development process without disruptions."

Server PAM

"Streamlining identities, enabling passwordless authentication, and implementing just enough and just-in-time privilege management for server access."

Privilege Manager

"Counteract malware and contemporary security risks that exploit applications by eliminating local administrative privileges and enforcing the principle of least privilege on endpoints."

Connection Manager

Manage and interact with numerous remote sessions, encompassing both Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and SSH, within a unified interface."

Remote Access Service

Effectively oversee remote employees and external vendors through a VPN-free, web-based Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and SSH solution, ensuring security."


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