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At Shifra, we transcend boundaries, introducing a new era of technological brilliance to the Middle East market. Specializing in Cyber Security and Identity Protection, and OT Cyber Security, we redefine standards by offering cutting-edge solutions sourced from global leaders. Elevate your security infrastructure with our unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring you not only stay ahead but stand out in the ever-evolving digital landscape. - Your security, simplified by Shifra!


Privileged Access Management

Regulating and monitoring privileged access, ensuring only authorized users can access critical systems and data.

Security Automation

Streamlining security tasks, leveraging automated processes to enhance efficiency, and reduce human error.

Data Leak Prevention

Safeguarding sensitive information, enforcing policies to prevent inadvertent or malicious data exposure and leaks.

Security Service Edge

Integrating security within the network edge, enhancing protection, and minimizing risks across distributed environments.

Enterprise Single Sign On

Simplifying user access, enabling seamless and secure authentication across various applications with a single login.

SOC Services

Continuous Vigilance, Advanced Access Control, Threat Detection and Response, Incident Management, and Customized Security Solutions

Penetration Testing & Red Teaming

Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment, Real-world Simulation, Risk Prioritization, Actionable Recommendations, and Continuous Improvement

People Centric Security

Focusing on user behavior, empowering individuals to uphold security practices in collaborative digital environments.

Endpoint Protection & Response

Defending devices from threats, swiftly detecting and responding to incidents to secure endpoints effectively.

Multi Factor/ Password Auth

Strengthening access control, combining multiple factors to verify identities, enhancing security beyond passwords.

Digital Forensic & Incident Response

Rapid Incident Identification, Forensic Data Collection, Incident Analysis and Attribution, Customized Response Strategies, and Post-Incident Recommendations

Advance Threat Protection

Shielding networks from sophisticated attacks, identifying vulnerabilities, and mitigating potential breaches effectively.

Value Added Services

Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis

Identifying discrepancies, guiding improvements for optimized systems alignment.

Security Assessment

Security Assessment

Evaluating safeguards, recommending enhancements for fortified digital defenses.



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